Ebrahim Jahandar

Ph.D Student - Computer Engineering @ Sharif University of Technology, 2016

M.Sc - Computer Architecture @ Sharif University of Technology, 2014-2016

B.Eng - Electrical Engineering @ University of Isfahan, 2009-2014

e {a.t} jahandar.ir
jahandar {a.t} ce.sharif.edu

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  • My github repository now contains a modified version of Tehuti Networks tn40xx driver with direct access feature. this driver was developed under my master thesis and i published it undel GPL. the driver allows direct access to NIC which will increase the peak performance in small packet sizes by x4.
  • My B.Sc full text report is available on my website. Its a report about my Final Project at University of Isfahan which was named "Design & Implementation a Software Radio Receiver for Operating in VHF/UHF/L Bands". I made this report publicly available just for educational proposes. any abuse use of this report is prohibited.
  • Practical FPGA Learning Videos which I created them for University of Isfahan isn't available from older pages in UI. if anyone interested in, contact me. However Verilog HDL Booklet available on my website.
    The lectures consist of 6 Videos (5 Hours) which covers Basic Concepts, Development Boards (Xilinx Spartan 3 & Spartan 6) , Verilog HDL Basics, Design, Implementation & Verification Tools (Xilinx ISE, Planahead, ChipScope, Modelsim, iMpact), Basic & Expert Examples, IP-Cores (Some Examples in Xilinx IP-Cores DDS, CIC, FIFO), ChipScope Based Verification.
Ebrahim Jahandar