Obtaining the first rank of Sharif University in the fields of computer science, engineering and technology

In the latest Times ranking of 2023, Sharif University of Technology managed to get the first rank among the country's universities in the fields of engineering and technology and computer science.

According to the public relations report of Sharif University of Technology, every year, in addition to global rankings, the Times Institute also examines prestigious universities around the world by subject (Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject). This system includes higher education institutions in eleven main subgroups; It measures arts and humanities, business and economics, education, law, social sciences, computer science, engineering, clinical and health sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, and psychology. This year, Sharif University of Technology has been ranked in four groups of engineering and technology, physical sciences, commerce and economics, and computer science. In the field of engineering and technology, with a rank of 151-175, in addition to receiving the first place in the country, it has succeeded in breaking its own record. In the sub-fields of computer science, Sharif University has obtained the first rank in Iran by receiving a rank of 200-250.