The first edition of the Codecadil programming competition, focusing on algorithms and problem-solving


The Codecadil Educational Competition is an enriching and engaging contest designed for students who have a keen interest in computer science and programming. This competition is held at three levels: Junior, Senior, and Pro. Students majoring in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, and even those who have passed the fundamentals of programming course and have a passion for algorithms are eligible to participate. The programming languages C, C++, Java, and Python are supported in the competition's judging system. Prior to the competition, instructional workshops are conducted to help participants enhance their algorithmic and software engineering skills.

The first stage of the competition is virtual, and the second stage is held in person at Sharif University of Technology. Participation in the competition is limited to teams of two. If you don't have a teammate, you can find a suitable partner in the dedicated Telegram group for participants. Entry to the online qualifying competition is free, and top-performing teams in the on-site competition receive cash prizes as well.

For free registration and more information, please visit here.