Most important Projects:

Stemmer for Persian Words:2003

In this project I have designed and implemented a new method for Stemming words in  Persian language. I used Part of speech of the words to improve the accuracy of the algorithm. I published a paper on this topic. And its result applied in an commercial product.


RoboCup 3D soccer simulation: 2005

During 2004-2005 I have contributed in RoboCup competitions. In 2005 I was SRRF ( Sepanta Robatic and Research Fondation) rescue simulation coach. We applied fuzzy learning in rescue domain.

I continued this activity in next year in soccer simulation domain. We developed a tools for fuzzy agents competitions. In this times our team earned the first place in RoboCup competitions in Japan in 3D environment development competition. I have a paper on this domains too.


 Combine Machine Improvement with Fuzzy Controller: 2005- 2006

It is my first project after graduation. I was employed by Tehran University Agriculture faculty to contribute in a project for improving a combine machine with fuzzy approach. It  was a high level applied and scientific experience for me. We published the result in some conference and also in a journal.


Fuzzy Risk assessment modeling 2006

In this project I used Fuzzy cognitive map for modeling resource dependency in IT based company for Risk threat assessment. I published the results in the first joined congress on Fuzzy systems and Intelligence systems.


Mobile Application improvment 2006- 2010

During this years I was a member of Mobile application research group in AICTC ( Advanced Information and Communication Technology Research center). My specific duty was algorithm design and protocol design for mobile applications. For instance I have designed a protocol to send about 200 character Persian message with one sms.

Knowledge Base Social Network Architecture Design for schools: Since 2010

Currently I am working with a group as a project manager. We are trying to develop a social network for Knowledge sharing. My team first duty is Architecture designing. We are trying to improve education systems with socialnetwork tools.