Research Areas
To facilitate in-depth practical study of different aspects of computer engineering, several educational laboratories are devoted to providing hands-on laboratory experience to undergraduate and graduate students. A number of these laboratories are listed below.
Algorithms and Computations
Architectural Support for Emerging Technologies
Circuit and VLSI Design
Cloud and Green Computing
Computer Vision, Graphics, and Visualization
Data Mining
Database Systems
Dependability and Fault-Tolerant Systems
Distributed and Pervasive Computing
Electronic Design Automation and HW/SW Co-design
Embedded and Real-time Systems
Formal Methods and Verification
Hardware Security
Hardware Test and Testability
High Performance Computing and Parallel Processing
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Image and Video Processing
Information Retrieval
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Low-Power Design
Machine Learning
Memory Systems
Methodology Engineering
Micro-Architecture and Multicore Processors
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
NoC, SoC, and Interconnection Networks
Operating Systems
Planning and Problem Solving
Programming Languages and Compilers
Reconfigurable Computing
Security, Privacy and Cryptography
Smart Buildings (Cyber Physical Systems)
Social Networks
Software Engineering
Speech and Audio Processing
Storage, SSD, NVMS, and I/O systems
Systems and Networking