Fundamentals of Programming (C)


int main(void){

printf("Welcome to CE-40153-12\n");
printf("Please check your emails each weekend, i will send you execrsies and news about the class via email\n");

return 0;



  • Sunday & Monday, 16:30 to 18, A-18

Teaching Assistants:

  • Shahrzad Sedaghat (sedaghat_shahrzad {at} yahoo {dot} com) - [Head TA]
  • Arash Haji Rahmani (hajirahmani {at} ce {dot} sharif {dot} edu) - [Projects]
  • Amir Haji Shamsaei, (shamsaiee.amir {at} gmail {dot} com)
  • Navid Malek, (n.malek {at} ce.sharif {dot} edu)
  • Mahdi Hosseinpour, (mahdihosseinpour {at} outlook {dot} com)

Text books:

  • P. Deitel, H. Deitel, C: How to Program, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2009 [CE's main text book]
  • P. D. Hipson , Advanced C , SAMS Publishing, 1992 [Very easy to read, it was my first C reference 10 years ago]
  • D. Gookin , C for Dummies, Wiley, 2004 [ for dummies ! ]




Lecturer Notes: